HP’s Giant Photoball is a Hit at Brazil’s Biggest Music Festival

Giant blow-up beach balls bouncing around the crowd are an inevitable part of many music festivals.  In a brilliantly simple idea, HP built a huge inflatable “photo ball,” which was fitted with an HD camera and a Wi-Fi receiver.


The photo ball had its debut at Brazil’s biggest music event, Planeta Terra in Sao Paulo. As the ball bounced among the crowd, it took snapshots and video, which were transmitted live to the stage, and broadcast online to an audience of 3 million. Still images were uploaded immediately to HP’s Facebook fan page.

People could (and did) then tag themselves on Facebook. In addition, HP had a booth at the event where concert attendees could print out pictures of themselves taken by the photo ball.

In this clever example, HP took an existing behaviour and amplified it with technology in a way that enhanced the experience for both festival-goers and the online viewing audience.  It also paid off HP’s new ‘Making Memories Last’ brand positioning.


A move from static content to video interaction, text to picture, desktop to mobile and ever increasing scale offers new opportunities for consumers and marketers.


With the advent of always-on and ubiquitous internet access, and ever-increasing digitization – our actual and virtual lives are starting to blend in to one.

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