Pizza Hut App Lets Xbox Gamers order Pizza from their Consoles

The bond between pizza and gaming is an engrained as movies and popcorn. Now Pizza Hut is debuting an app for Microsoft Xbox Live that lets users order a pizza through their Xbox 360 with just the game controller, voice input or Kinect gesture.

Pizza Hut App Lets Xbox Gamers order Pizza from their Consoles

Said a spokesperson: “for the first time, people can order something through their Xbox that’s tangible. It brings the intersection of gaming and real world products together.”

Other chains have pizza-ordering mobile apps (notably Domino’s and KFC’s “KFC Fast Track”), but the Pizza Hut-Xbox app takes the concept to a new level.

Pizza Hut have recognized the behavior of their hard-to-reach target—young men 18 to 24—and are leveraging it in a clever and unique way that resonates with them… and results in transactions. At the same time, Microsoft are taking Xbox – already a powerful force in the living room – in to the realm of real-world commerce.


A move from static content to video interaction, text to picture, desktop to mobile and ever increasing scale offers new opportunities for consumers and marketers.


With the advent of always-on and ubiquitous internet access, and ever-increasing digitization – our actual and virtual lives are starting to blend in to one.


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