Insecticide Billboard Becomes Giant Bug Trap

Spring is in full bloom in Europe and summer is on the horizon, and with the hot weather comes short shorts and insect bites. Insecticide ads can be easy to miss in the clutter, but Italian brand Orphea cut through by turning a Milan billboard for its 4D product in to a massive sticky insect trap.


Initially, the billboard appeared to be just an image of the Orphea spray can, but as days passed bug after bug stuck to the billboard, in the shape of the spray emanating from the can. The trick? The advertisers applied transparent non-drying glue to the white paper, trapping the unfortunate bugs that landed on the board. The illusion that the insects are caught in the spray’s crosshairs is a clever way to promote the effectiveness of Orphea in open air situations.

Essentially, the billboard itself became one giant insect trap, making it effective as well as impactful. A brilliant way to promote the product and its purpose.


Rather than just inter-rupting consumers’ lives, brands are increasingly looking to provide useful services or applications that give people something they actually need – without demanding an immediate return.

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