Pepsi Vending Machine accepts Likes instead of Cash

A typical sampling  effort usually involves street teams in branded outfits handing out free samples. To move beyond the traditional, Pepsi Belgium created ‘The Like Machine’, a vending machine that would dispense free Pepsi in exchange for a ‘like’ on Facebook.

People with smartphones simply have to like the Pepsi Facebook page to receive their free drink: the vending machine uses the phone’s location settings to make sure that only those in the vicinity receive a free sample for their ‘like’.

Those without smartphones can use the 42” built-in touchscreen to log into Facebook to receive a free drink. Once the sample was given, a timer ensured  everyone was logged out of their accounts.

This provides real-time feedback on who has liked, tasted and enjoyed the beverage, as well as building buzz and incentivizing sharing.


With the growth of always-on ubiquitous internet access, and digitization – our actual and virtual lives are blending in to one.


Increasingly brands are offering rewards for specified consumer actions such as Tweeting, or Liking. Adding novelty to the value exchange can prompt consumers to re-evaluate the brand in a or make their encounter more memorable.

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