Jeep offers free GPS App to help drivers “Get Lost”

The Jeep is an iconic automobile. Freedom, discovery and adventure are just a few of the keywords that marketers seek to associate with the brand.

Jeep Get Lost

The marque is very popular in Argentina, but ironically most of the 4×4 vehicles never cross the city limits, and Jeep drivers rarely experience any kind of freedom, discovery or adventure – in their cars at least.

To help out Argentinians lacking the inspiration to get out of town, Jeep has created a free-to-download GPS add-on app that will get you “God knows where”, to discover 28 lost off-road spots in the country. Just push the button and start following the instructions.

On the one hand, this is a great brand utility initiative, that reaches out to existing customers – in itself quite rare, in a sector obsessed with acquisition.  On the other it really “walks (or drives) the talk” of the brand communication and delivers a strong reinforcement of what the Jeep stands for.


Rather than just inter-rupting consumers’ lives, brands are increasingly looking to provide useful services or applications that give people something they actually need – without demanding an immediate return.

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