Airbnb Crowdsources Movie Made up of 6-Second Vines

Many marketers are now using Twitter’s Vine app, which allows its 40 million users to create and share 6 second looping gif-format videos. The latest and most noteworthy instance is Airbnb’s “Hollywood and Vines”. The online room rental platform that connects hosts and travelers across the globe is stitching together a crowdsourced short film six seconds at a time.

Airbnb  Crowdsources Movie Made up of 6-Second Vines

Instructions were released on Twitter and promoted via the Sundance Channel, Facebook and Google +. A 48 hour window for submissions listed 40 shots based around the theme of Adventure and Travel, each with their own hashtag.

Judging is to be based on creativity, compliance and video quality. The resulting edited film will be aired on the Sundance Channel in the US on September 13th. Those whose Vines appear in the film get a $100 Airbnb credit. Airbnb are already known for content marketing and have to be admired for leveraging Vine in a relevant and engaging way.


Many brands are starting to  facilitate and leverage user-generated content (UGC). These brands understand the power of co-creating their brand together with consumers and tapping into the creativity of their fans.

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Honda Campaigns to Save the Drive-In Movie

There are 368 drive-in movie theaters left in America. These have outlasted VHS tapes, DVDs and downloads, but they may not survive the transition to digital-only movies. By the end of 2013, Hollywood will stop shipping out celluloid film reels – so to stay in business, drive-ins will have to buy digital projectors at a cost of $75,000 or more. Not many can afford this cost and may have to close.

Honda Campaigns to Save the Drive-In Movie

Honda’s new socially-fueled multimedia “Project Drive-In” campaign aims to give these outdoor venues a second chance. Says a Honda spokesman: “Cars and drive-in theaters go hand-in-hand, and it’s our mission to save this decades-old slice of Americana … We’re committed to helping the remaining drive-in theaters flourish with the move to digital projection.”

Honda will donate digital projectors to five theaters based on web and social voting; further donations will depend on the results of an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. This is a great, credible example of a brand getting behind a relevant cause and igniting a social movement.


This generally involves the cooperative efforts of a for profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. These efforts must have an organic alignment to the sponsor brand, as today’s consumers recognize authenticity, and can spot campaigns that don’t have it.

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