KLM Must See Map combines social media with print

Travelling can be a difficult endeavor, especially when your guidebook is borrowed from a friend of a friend and the top 10 restaurants listed no longer exist.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines wants to help globetrotters out with its new social media campaign, ‘Must See Maps — made by friends’. The concept basically takes what travelers have done since before the internet existed – ask friends for recommendations – and gives it a digital and social twist.

How it works: on the Must See website, users create a map of their chosen destination, link this to their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) and then ask friends and followers for tips on where to go. KLM will then print a physical copy of the map and mail it to the user … all for no monetary cost.

No such thing as a free map, though. What KLM gets in return is powerful friend to friend propagation, and valuable customer data for its Social and CRM efforts.

With the advent of always-on and ubiquitous internet access, and ever-increasing digitization – our actual and virtual lives are starting to blend in to one.


Brands and designers are increasingly creating physical assets that enhance or embody the virtual digital lifestyle so consumers can enjoy a tactile and tangible object alongside the digital.