Kate Spade Brings “Window Shopping” to Life in NYC

Kate Spade has collaborated with online retail site Ebay to launch touch screen e-commerce window shops at four locations across New York City. These play on the age old concept of ‘window shopping’.

Kate Spade Brings “Window Shopping” to Life in NYC

Shoppers can browse the 30-piece ”Saturday”  collection then make a purchase via Paypal (online payment site) on the giant touch-screen window. They can do this any time of the day or night.  After picking the items they want, shoppers receive a text message to their phone asking where and when they want their pieces delivered. It can be as quickly as an hour, the next day, week – whenever they want.

The Kate Spade “Saturday” collection is the ‘younger, cooler sister’ of  its origin brand Kate Spade New York. Its launch combines  high street browsing with an innovative e-commerce function – arguably exactly what retailers need to do in order to leverage the new world of so-called “Omnichannel”.


With the advent of always-on and ubiquitous internet access, and ever-increasing digitization – our actual and virtual lives are starting to blend in to one. Brands and designers are increasingly creating physical assets that enhance or embody the virtual digital lifestyle so consumers can enjoy a tactile and tangible object alongside the digital.

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P&G Hosts Massive “Everyday Effect” Giveaway in NYC

This month, Procter and Gamble decided to take over the biggest media city in the world – New York – in what they call “the largest consumer event in the company’s 175 year history”.  NYC was blitzed on June 19th by 25 brands as part of P&G’s “Everyday Effect” campaign.

P&G Hosts Massive “Everyday Effect” Giveaway in NYC

Throughout the city, more than 40,000 products were distributed at strategically timed moments. For example, free Scope mouthwash samples were offered to coffee drinkers, Febreze car vent clips to taxi drivers, and Iams dog treats to people walking their dogs.

Activities included free barber, salon, make-up and nail services and free pedicab rides. P&G’s New York saturation campaign reached far beyond the city, and was also supported by a dedicated website, Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign added value to the lives of New Yorkers and at the same time demonstrated how P&G’s brands improve everyday life in small yet meaningful ways.


Rather than just interrupting consumers’ lives, brands are increasingly looking to provide useful services or applications that give people something they actually need – without demanding an immediate return.

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